Programming with Minecraft. Take the first step!


A course which helps your kid to make first steps in mastering a computer. 

A kid creates his/her first cartoons according to his own script, creates a blog, gets to know the basic terms in dealing with a computer, learns the concept of planning, understands how a computer works, what programs are necessary for its work and what devices can be connected to it. He/she learns how to work with files and learns what cyber security is, and, of course, starts studying computer programming, which is taught at Cyber School on the basis of one of the most popular games in the world – Minecraft!

During the course – a kid masters such concepts as algorithms and cycles, arrays and functions, discovers graphics editors and creates his/her own game!

  • Duration of a course – 2 months
  • Quantity of lessons per month– 4, once a week for 2 hours
  • Age – 6-9